Sandee Pawan (born August 25, 1976) was raised in Paris, France

She graduated at Ecole de l'Image (Les Gobelins) in 1996. Sandee begins her career as a graphic designer then goes on to work as an Art Director for a top Web design agency at only age 23. She experiences a soaring ascent in her career, when she decides to exchange her comfortable office in Paris with an open ticket to Asia, where she goes on to work as a freelance photographer for two years. She is noticed by the leading south east Asia photo agency On Asia and continues her work as a photo journalist for her whole journey, travelling through Burma, Cambodia, Thailand and China. Back in Paris, she makes a noticed arrival in the elite High Fashion industry, with her very conceptual and dynamic imagery. Sandee's works are published in international magazines and newspapers, such as The Guardian (UK), The Wall Street Journal, The Chronicle, editions Hatier, Maxim, Stuff and also at the National Library of Singapore.

In 2007, she receives a contract with world renowned agency SIPA Press (New York City) as she admits she still has a passion for photojournalism and dangerous encounters, that make great images. Sandee lives for a whole year at Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas, and travels often to southern California to work on a photography project with some of East Los Angeles’ most dangerous gangs. In 2008, she joins Las Vegas leading photo studio 'Star Studios Elite' and works as photographer and Art Director for several artists, casinos and nightclubs projects. Her most creative visuals are exhibited in Europe, Africa and North America : 

 2009 – Her insightful vision of the biblical Seven Deadly Sins is exhibited in an old chapel (Chapelle des Dames Blanches) in France. The exhibition attracts an astonishing 3.000 visitors in two weeks.

 2010 – The Embassy of France sponsors her photo exhibition «My Everyday Little Pain» in North Africa. 

 2011 – Sandee is chosen among 300 renowned artists, by a panel of Art celebrities (Simon Bisley, Gerald Brom, Paul Hellard...) to exhibit some of her artsy pieces at the Franck Frazetta Tribute in Chicago. Sandee receives a large media coverage by Chicago Now, the Chicago Tribune website, for this event.

 2012 – She gives conferences about Fashion Photography and exhibits her best editorial shots at her solo show “Fashionista” at the “Institut Français”. These events are sponsored by the Embassy of France.

 2012 – She is featured at “SNAP!”, the largest all-photo festival in Florida (3000+ visitors in three days), with her conceptual photoproject “Kisetsu”. She’s exhibited along with recording artist MOBY and Miru Kim. She is the best selling artist of the Show.

 2013 – She directs french mainstream artist NUTTEA’s music video “Hero”, which is played on MTV, MCM... and works as a Director and an Art Director on several commercial videos.

 Sandee now resides permanently between Paris and New York City. She is a perfectionist with an uncommon taste for conceptual art and dynamic lines, which make her one of the most recommended artists today.